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Paint Differently

The art of painting is the application of color, pigments, paint, etc. on a base. The most common way to paint on the support base is with a brush. These brushes come in different sizes and shapes. Paintings can be done on walls, canvas, wood, and glass. Oil, watercolor, acrylic pastel, spray, and enamel are all types of painting methods. Read here?

In Europe, linseed and pigments are used to create oil paintings. Oil paintings varnished are highly valued for their glossy finish. Oil paintings have their roots in the early Netherlands paintings of Northern Europe. The Renaissance replaced tempera painting in many parts of Europe with these paintings. Two Soeurs, Mono Lisa, and Avenue of Poplars are all famous oil paintings.

Autumn Flight, Marin Island and other famous water colors paintings are among the most popular. The pigments used in water color painting are water-soluble. Paper has mainly been used to support water-color paintings. Other mediums such as Bark papers, leather, and plastics have been used. Water color paintings are also known as scroll painting in East Asia. It is most popular in Korea, Japan, and China. The colors are usually monochrome blacks and browns. Finger Painting was born in China when the invention of this painting type, using fingers as opposed to brushes, took place.

The term pastel painting is used to describe paintings that are done using stick and pigments. Binder is usually neutral and low-saturation, while the pigments used are similar to those in other painting types. The pastel colors are closer to natural pigments when compared with other types of paintings. These paintings can easily be damaged and are fragile. They are often sprayed in Fixative, and kept behind glass.

Acrylic painting, on the other hand, is a method that uses pigments suspended in an acrylic polymer. The paintings dry very fast. They are resistant to water, but can still be diluted before drying. These paintings can be altered to look like a watercolor or oil painting by dilution with media, water or pastels. Oil and acrylic painting are distinguished by the drying time. The oil takes longer to cure, because it requires more time for the colors to blend and to create an even glaze over the surface. Oil’s slow drying effect is useful for applying various painting techniques, but can be a frustrating factor to some painters.