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Understanding Executive Condominiums

Executive condominiums are a housing type that caters to different citizen needs, especially for young professionals or graduates. They were unable to afford private property and could only rent a flat. Executive Condominiums look and feel like private condominiums. That’s because different developers are responsible for their development and sale. Most Executive Condominiums come with all the amenities that condos offer. It is important to note that the Executive Condominium has a 99 years leasehold rather than a freehold. This is one of its biggest differences. Visit this site Altura EC showflat.


For a prospective buyer to have access to condominiums, they must satisfy different criteria. You must be a US citizen, a permanent residence or both. As with public housing, the applicant also has to form a sort of nucleus family. The monthly income for qualifying is set.


For those who want to buy an Executive condominium, there are incentives in place to make the purchase easier. A person’s citizenship is taken into consideration when determining the amount of housing grant.

In many places, Executive Condominiums are under construction. Their locations also vary. But, the development’s size is significant. It allows them to serve a number of people simultaneously. They also create some of most impressive structures.

Residential units tend to be luxurious and spacious, allowing for a wide range of recreational activities. Studios and five-bedroom apartments are also available, with or without private elevator lobby. As part of some projects, bungalows and semi detached houses can be added.

This is because there are so many different sizes of units that all families, including couples and singles, can easily find something to work with.

Transportation is also covered by the development, as most are situated in locations that offer easy access to public transport and expressways. The residents will enjoy this, particularly those that are in need of transportation. It is not uncommon to find great recreational options nearby.

Different malls are located around the developments, which cater to banking and retail needs as well as dining. Residents can get everything they require to enhance their lives.