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The Gold IRA Rollover – Learn how to Invest Like a Billionaire

It’s often said that imitation isn’t just a great form for flattery; it’s also the best method to learn from and model success. If financial success is what you are after, who better to be your role model than a billionaire. You can choose the best gold IRA companies for you in this site.

What Billionaires Know

Even though they may have different world views, billionaires John Paulson and George Soros have all admitted that they hold a small amount of their wealth as gold. Warren Buffet admits gold has been an excellent investment, especially in times of inflation.

Do you remember those dark and dark days in 2008, when the stock exchange crashed? Retirement accounts lost $2 trillion within 15 months. You can bet your money could have grown in value as well as lost.

That’s right, gold.

If you had bought gold back in 2001, you would have seen your investment increase by 700%. Let’s look at that again: 700%. This decade was also the rockiest in economic history. Gold thrived as the stock market plummeted. Why? Why?

Could it happen again? Today is the height of the greatest stock market bubble in human history. Many experts believe that the bubble will burst again in a short time. Do not allow your retirement funds to fall because of another economic collapse. Now is the best time to start changing your investment approach.

Why the Billionaires Own Gold

Gold is nature’s most hard asset. Since gold is a tangible, finite resource with high intrinsic values, it has been civilization’s store of wealth for thousands of decades. It is used all around the world as an alternative currency to money. It was mentioned in the Bible 417x. It isn’t subjected to the dilutions, devaluations, or other paper investments like bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. Governments and financial institutions cannot control the gold value. It can’t printed like money and it won’t ever merge with or be split. It has historically moved in the opposite direction to the stock markets. Billionaires realize that gold is an excellent tool to reduce volatility and vulnerability within their portfolios.