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You are looking for wholeness. The balance of feminine and masculine energies.

A new year and a brand new decade are great times to reflect and improve your life.

In a state of dynamic movement, we all possess a mix masculine/feminine energy.

The masculine energies have a tendency to be linear, orientated to goals, and have a mental focus. You can see ayahuasca diet for more information.

The feminine energies, which are circular, are concerned with emotion and feeling, and they expand your mind.

These energies do not have to be gender specific. Instead of thinking about them as being specific to a particular gender, we can view them as a manifestation of the Divine’s consciousness. The nature of consciousness is that it moves between contractions and expansions. In fact, this pulsation is directly felt in our daily lives. This pulsation, regardless of whether it is known or not, occurs microscopically in every cell of our bodies and cosmically in all of life.

If you can stop labeling these energies and remove cultural biases associated with them, you can distill them into pure energy. Then you can see and function at the spiritual level.

This is called self reflection. It’s a time when you take the time to observe and write about how these primary energies show up in your life. What are you most comfortable with when managing your career, family matters and relating to others? Each person has a different mix of these energies. The proportions will change depending on the context. You can recognize patterns, but you must first be aware of them.

Balance your energies to live a more fulfilled life.

You will have your own preferences about how you organize your life. Habits are what we are all made up of. The question is “Do these habits serve your vision in a highest way?” If they are not, this is the time to reflect on your own self and develop the energy you need to integrate. When you realize that you value your feelings more than analysis in making decisions, it is possible to start to find integration by bringing the mind into play. These energies can then be combined into a divinely-synchronized pulsation.

Try tuning into a greater energy that holds all the energies in you. This will make it easier to align energies in ways that create harmony within your life. The best indicator of harmony is when you feel more at peace and contentment through the practice. When your energies reach a dynamic balance, you will feel more intuitive and intelligent. Then you will find the inner peace and wholeness that every person seeks.

This is the path to a balanced and happy life. Integrating all of the primary energies into a divine relationship is the goal. Your highest part will continue to be aligned with you in ways that bring greater harmony and peace to all your parts.